Three ‘lost’ Amiga articles found and uploaded!

Mordor bus joke

You know how you wait ages in the rain for a bus, then three turn up at once? Including the rain, this past couple of weeks have been just like that – hardly anything of my past Amiga writing has turned up for a year, then all of a sudden, with the invaluable help of the Retro Computer Museum in Leicester, England, THREE of my ‘lost’ Amiga User International articles have been uncovered, in their magazine archives. Amazing!

Two of my monthly Free, Gratis PD software features, for May and October 1988 (see menu above), have this evening joined my long-missing radio fax article, Pictures From Thin Air, which you’ll now find under the Ham Radio menu above.

These features were rediscovered with the kind assistance of Andy C. Spencer of the Retro Computer Museum, and that of museum volunteer David who did the scanning, for which many thanks. If you have a chance to go there, I highly recommend it – they have an amazing collection and a great gang of volunteer staff!

Stuart Williams