Stuart Williams’ scribblings and ST Update – 30 Years After

Would you believe it, I’ve been writing, getting published – and getting paid for it – for thirty years this year?

The first ever commercial magazine to publish my work was ST Update, a British home computer magazine dedicated to the Atari ST and published by Sunshine Publications in London. Sadly, ST Update is long gone and little known these days, at least as far as online sources is concerned.

But, as luck would have it, ST Update itself is also thirty years old – this month! So I decided to mark the anniversary of the magazine’s first issue by writing about it, and making a copy of the pilot issue available to download online, through the pages of Retro Computing News. I’ve even made contact with the original advertising manager of the magazine, Jon Beales, who has been very helpful with the article.

The article now online is part one of an exclusive two-part feature with the story of ST Update magazine’s inception ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ – plus a very special download to celebrate the 30th birthday of ST Update. Please go check it out via the link below!

ST Update – 30 Years After