Another feature comes in from the cold!



At this dark and chilly time of the year, I often feel the need for a spot of cheering up, and it’s been a good long while since my last post here, something which I’ve been wanting to rectify. Which makes the timely arrival of one of my ‘lost children’ all the more welcome!

Another long-forgotten public domain software feature, one of my regular series for Amiga User International, has now come to light, in this case in a newly-discovered online PDF copy of the magazine, volume 3, issue 12, published December 1989.

I’ve now converted the relevant page files from pdf to jpeg and edited both of them for use here. You’ll find this ‘new’ feature posted in issue and date order under the Free, Gratis menu here on Amiga Meditations, or you can go straight to it via the following link:

This particular magazine was spotted thanks to the help of someone who saw my appeal for missing issues on Facebook a few days ago, for which I am particularly grateful, as it had been posted on a website which I had already searched last year.

eBay discovery

What’s more, in addition to this, I’ve now also managed to track down a physical copy of the November 1988 issue on eBay, which I should have my paws on in just a few days, and I should hopefully then be able to dig out another article or two for scanning and posting here.

Meanwhile, if anyone reading this has access to any of the issues still listed on the Missing In Action page, I’d be very grateful if you could email me – please see the Contact page.

Watch this space!

Stuart Williams