Amiga User International articles rediscovered

AUI Feb 1990 Vo 4 No 2 p53

AUI Feb 1990 Vo 4 No 2 p60

AMIGA meditations has been on hiatus for a while, partly because I have been ill and busy with other matters, and partly because I have been continuing the search for more ‘Missing In Action’ issues from the years when I wrote for Amiga User International magazine.


The good news is, not only am I feeling much better now, but I have managed to track down three more of the missing issues of AUI containing articles written by me!

The three in question date from February-April 1990. Out of these, only the April issue does not contain one of my articles, though I am still listed as a contributor. I am not listed as a contributor in the August 1990 issue, so I must have finished writing for them some time between the May and August issues.

My ‘latest’ two articles – on public domain software – from the February and March 1990 issues have now been given their own pages on this blog, and you will find them under the Free, Gratis menu. I hope you find them interesting.

Still searching

I am still looking for a number of issues of Amiga User International, preferably as scans or pdfs, but would also be interested in physical magazines, if they are cheap!

The list of issues which remain ‘missing in action’ as of today are as follows:

  • Volume 2, Issue 5, May 1988.
  • Volume 2, Issues 10 to 11, October-November 1988.
  • Volume 3, Issue 10, October 1989.
  • Volume 3, Issue 12, December 1989.
  • Volume 4, Issues 5 to 7, May-July 1990.

It may be that I do not have articles in all of these issues, but I really need to know, if for no other reason than to eliminate them from my research.  If you can help, please email me:

Other magazines

If you also come across any of my work in copies of Amiga Computing, Atari ST User or Micro Computer Mart magazines especially, probably between 1987-1990, I would also be glad to hear of it.

Thanks for your interest – and hopefully, thanks in advance for your help!

Stuart Williams